The following actions are completely free in ccoins:

  • Buy and sell cryptocurrencies to an advertiser.

  • Deposit cryptocurrencies in your ccoins wallet.

  • Publish buy and sell offers in ccoins.

Actions for which a fee is charged:

  • 0.7% for each trade completed (only the owner of the offer is charged).

  • Withdrawal: 0.3% of the sending amount.

  • Internal transfers: 0%.

  • Exchange crypto to crypto in your wallet: 0.8%


 Observation: The "network commission" is the fee that ccoins pays to the miners for including your transaction in the blockchain. The current amount of this fee is visible in the "Send" menu of your wallet. This fee can fluctuate depending on the activity of the corresponding blockchain. Our systems automatically adjust this commission in relation to the current congestion to ensure that your transactions are included in the blockchain as soon as possible.

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