There are two situation in which you might find yourself arriving at the general offer summary:

  • By selecting an offer from the marketplace

With CCOINS you are able look for and select offers from a marketplace, doing so will bring you to the offers summary which displays relevant information.

This view is divided in two sections, the right one displays some general information about the offers owner as well as details about his reputation and CCOINS score, the amount of trades they have completed, their volume of transactions on the currency they are planning to trade and the terms of trade if they defined any.

The left side of the screen then displays information for the offer itself, like the price (either buying or selling) the payment method, the location of the potential trader, the window of payment and the limits of the transaction.
Here it's also where you'll be able to start a trade, there are two fields here where you can designate whatever amount you're planning on trading, you just have to specify the amount in either the Crypto currency or the fiat itself as the other will be completed automatically.

The trade will begin once you click the "Begin trade" button, assuming of course that the amount you specified is between the transaction limits.

Once the trade begins, you'll be taken into the general trading view to proceed with the trade

  • By viewing your own offers:

By visiting your offers page, you will be able to view a summary of any offers you have created by clicking the "view" button, this will take you to the same view described before, of course, with the exception that you can't open trade with yourself, I know, a shame.   

This behavior will also happen if you access your own offers from the marketplace.







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