Creating offers is ideal if you trade frequently under the same prices as it will passively leave it open for other to look for it.

Creating offers gives you the following benefits:

  • Your offer will actively be present in the marketplace allowing you to reach a broad audience.

  • You'll be able to trade with multiple users at a time under the same conditions.

  • You can customize your trading terms and conditions however you see fit (trading limits, personal price of trade and much more).

To start creating offer you first need to navigate into the My offers view

from there you can access the offer form by following the create offer button in the upper right corner of the page

This will open a form which offers all sorts of configurations for you to play around and customize

This form will offer the following fields:

Whichever offer you wish to make, either to sell or to buy.

The crypto currency you wish to trade with or for 

The location where you want the trade to be effectuated.

The payment method you are more confortable with.

The fiat you wish to trade in or for.

The margin of trade and the base market. If you're not ver experienced or if is just first time creating an offer we recommend you select the Basic option, here you can select a fixed price to trade your cryptos around with, the app itself will give you a recommended price but you're free to change to whichever you prefer.

However, if you're a more experienced crypto trader we offer some more options, by going to the advanced tab you can select a base market to define your price as well as a profit margin by percentage, either above or below the market price.

You can also set up maximum and minimum limits for your trades, if you decide not to set any, the minimum will default to a number greater than cero while the maximum will be an amount equivalent to your current balance on the designated crypto.

There's also space in the form to fill in any additional information you wish to make clear, you can give your offer an attractive headline or specify any trading terms you find necessary (like meeting place or opening hours).

Finally, you can set up which users are allowed to interact with your offer. You can either choose any user at all or only trusted people, who are those who agreed to link a phone number to their CCOINS account, however keep in mind that there are people who decide not to complete this process due to privacy concerns so we recommend choosing the previous option to reach as many people as possible. However, you will still be able to check if an user is trusted before going trough with the trade.

Once you've double checked all the fields you are ready to complete the form with the create offer button and send your offer out in the marketplace!

Remember that you are free to modify or delete your offer whenever you want by pressing the edit button in the my offers view

You will be sent back into the form where you can change anything you wish, and once you're done modifying you can click the update offer button to complete the operation, you also have a delete button available if you simply have no more use for this offer.

Once your offer is created and out in the market place any other user can look for it and open trade trough the general offer view.

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