One of the easiest ways to trade on ccoins is to search for offers that other users have posted on the marketplace. This does not require any previous configuration and provides you several filtering options to make your search as efficient as possible.
Among the filtering options that our platform offers you are the filtering according to the action you want to do (buy or sell), by quantity (fixed maximum limit ), currency, payment method and location of the offerer.

In our marketplace you can see the following information about each offer: 

  • The offerer’s username, the number of exchanges he has completed on our platform, his location, and his reputation.

  • The offered exchange rate (price of the cryptocurrency).

  • The trade limits (minimum and maximum amount that the offerer is willing to process during each operation).

  • The payment method selected by the offerer.

 If you consider that any of the offers you have seen fit your needs, you can open the overview of it to see more details about it.


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