Once you sign in to CCOINS you'll have access to a navigation menu that allows you to reach out all the different crypto-related functionalities that we offer! 

Trough our navigation menu you will be able to reach:

  • Marketplace 

This is your go-to trading page, here you will be able to see and interact with other users’ offers

Trough the marketplace you will have access to all sorts of different offers all around the world and it'll allow you to start the trading process 

  • Trades

Here is where all the information from any previous or current trades are stored, you'll be able to see all sort of information about each of the trades you've done like the state (Either active, complete, pending for payment, pending for release or canceled), the opening date, the amount of crypto to trade, the fiat value of the trade, and your trade partner (whoever you are trading or traded with).    

Aside of each of the trades there is a view button that will take you to the Main trading view (where the trading process will be carried out) 

  • My offers

Here you will find a list of all the offers you have opened at the moment, each one reminding you some key information that is important to keep in mind.

You can either view each of these (which will take you the main offer view), edit them or create new at will trough the offer form.

  • Wallets

Trough your wallets view you will have access to your crypto balance on any currency CCOIN features, you will have a wallet per crypto-coin.

you can also see a history of transactions for each wallet, as well as the ability to deposit and withdraw

  • Settings

Your user settings view displays all relevant information about your account, like your avatar, username or email, you can modify any of these as you wish. You will also be able to change your security settings and your identity verification.

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