No matter if you want to trade Bitcoin (BTC), Bitcoin Cash (BCH) or Dai (DAI), ccoins will allow you to trade quantities of less than 1 complete unit, due to how easy it is to send very small quantities of these coins. 

If you want to buy less than 1 BTC, less than 1 BCH or less than 1 DAI, the ccoins platform will not impede you, however, you must keep in mind that the owners of the offers have the possibility to configure the commercial limits (maximum and minimum amounts to process in each trade).

The maximum and minimum quantities that an offer allows to trade are specified in its respective overview, which also contains information on the terms that the advertiser sets to sell or buy the cryptocurrency.

If the amount you are trying to trade is greater or less than the commercial limits set by the owner of the ad, the ccoins platform will show you a message.

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