Next, we will explain you how to start a trade without needing to create your own offer. Please note that this guide is aimed at casual buyers and sellers. If you are a regular buyer or seller please read about creating offers.

Search offers in the marketplace 

The first thing you will have to do to make any commercial operation is sign in. Then, you must go to our marketplace and select the local currency and the cryptocurrency.

For greater accuracy, we also suggest selecting the payment method (bank transfer, cash, paypal, etc.) and the location. In addition, you must choose between the options "Buy" and "Sell" of the search engine, so that our marketplace will show you only the relevant offers for your purpose.

Evaluate available offers

Once you have done so, the platform will automatically start to show you only those offers that match the features you have selected.

Each of those offers will have the following information:

  • The offerer's username, the number of trades he has completed on our platform, his location and his reputation.

  • The offered exchange rate (price of the cryptocurrency).

  • The trade limits (minimum and maximum amount that the offerer is willing to process during each operation).

  • The payment method selected.

From these data, you must evaluate the offers according to your needs, and if you want more details or start the trade, you must click on the offer's button.

Read the terms and start the trade

Once you access an offer page you will find an overview of it.

There you will be able to read the terms under which the offerer offers his services to you, and if you agree with the conditions he sets, you must specify the amount of crypto to trade and click on the "Start Trade" button.

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