If you want to modify or delete any of your offers in ccoins, you must go to "My offers" and click on "Edit" (icon shaped like a pencil).

When you access the edit menu of an offer, you will find the same interface that allows you to create an offer, with the difference that now, instead of creating a new offer, you will be able to save changes and even delete the offer.

In case your intention is to make modifications, you must remember that once you make them, you must click on "Update offer" to make them effective.

If, on the other hand, you wish to delete your offer, then the button you must click is "Delete offer" (icon in the form of a rubbish bin).

Both options are at the bottom of your offer form.

Remember that once your offer has been modified and saved, it will appear updated in the public listing of the "Marketplace", where ccoins users will be able to search and access it to buy or sell you crypto.

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