A trade, of course, involves two people, yourself and your trade partner. In any given trade you will be taken either the buyer or seller role while your trading partner will take the other one. A trade will open either if you access an offer trough the market place or if someone else access your own.

Regardless of the conditions in which a trade was started you can check them all out in the "trades" view that you can access at any time from the navigation menu.

In the trades view you can check out some basic information of all the trades you've participated in. 

Once you are in your trades list you can click the "view" button to proceed with the trade, you should do this as soon as you get notified that a trade has began since you have a limited amount of time to complete it (keep in mind that if you're the one who open the trade you'll be taken directly to the general trading view without having to go trough your trades view first) 

Clicking on the view button will take you to the general trading view, where the whole process will be carried out. 

Much like the offer summary this view is split in two halves, on the right you can see relevant information about your trading partner like their reputation, avatar and score. You'll also be able to see all the trade details, including the payment method and the payment window.

The left side of the screen is where the trade operations are completed. The trade will go trough three simple steps before being finished. 

  • The payment
  • The coin release
  • The feedback

You'll be able to follow all of this steps closely trough this view and you'll be able to complete whichever you're tasked with doing as well.
You can also freely chat with your trade partner in a secure chat, we encourage you to communicate with each other to make the process flow smoothly.

If you're the one selling you simply wait trough the first step, your trade partner is tasked with completing the payment and let the application know it was done correctly. 

On the other hand if you're the buyer you have to confirm that the payment was completed, remember that you're simply confirming the payment, the application has no control over any monetary value, the payment is arranged between the two involved, taking into account the designated payment method and meeting place if needed. Once you're sure everything is correct click on the "I have payed" button to signal the app to move to the next step. 

Now if you're a buyer is your turn to wait as your trade partner makes sure everything is correct before delivering the coins to your account.

As a seller you're tasked with releasing the coins, this essentially means moving them out of your account's balance and into your trade partner's, remember that once you agree to free them you can't take it back as the trade will be more or less complete.

Once all is set and done all that's left is to give your feedback, regardless of your role in the trade you will be prompted to do this and we heavily encourage you to do so as this will help other CCOINS users select better traders in the future.
It's a simple survey that asks how you feel about the trade, any comment you wish to give about your trade partner(this of course being optional) and if you would recommend them to other users. 

Keep in mind that both of the involved will be giving feedback so remember to do your best to make the trade go as expected to prevent your reputation from lowering, regardless of what role you were filling.
With this the trading process is done and you can see the effects of it reflected in your wallets view.

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